What do we do?

In 2017/18, 63,000 students from schools across the South East were engaged with Sussex STEM activities.

Sussex STEM works in partnership with employers and schools in support of the STEM talent pipeline across the South East.

Sussex STEM:

Supports schools to enrich the STEM curriculum

Supports employers in reducing the STEM skills gap

Develops young people’s enjoyment and engagement with STEM

Delivers an array of exciting schemes, activities and events

Highlights the variety and impact of STEM careers

Creates links between schools and industry

The Sussex STEM team is small but our staff are dedicated and passionate about STEM. We work with various organisations including the Nuffield Foundation, STEM Learning, the Careers and Enterprise Company, Crawley STEMFest, Engineering Development Trust, the British Science Association and EngineeringUK. These events in turn are supported by many volunteers including STEM Consultants and STEM Ambassadors.

The reach and impact of Sussex STEM has grown significantly over the years. In 2017/18, over 63,000 students from schools across the South East and around 200 companies engaged with Sussex STEM activities, schemes, events and competitions.

Sussex STEM takes part in EngineeringUK’s national Big Bang programme by coordinating the South East’s Big Bang programme of activities. We were delighted that in 2017/18, over 23,000 school students took part in these The biggest event in this programme is the Big Bang Fair South East which saw over 13,000 students and teachers attending in June 2019. We’re looking forward to welcoming even more students, teachers and exhibitors to our 1-2 July 2020 event.

For an overview of our activities you can download our 2017/18 fact sheet.

We’re always keen to hear how we can help to join up employers and schools to help inspire upcoming STEM talent, please email us at sussexstem@canterbury.ac.uk

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